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Welcome winter....<3.
With Teddi Rutschman & Kirsi Iggy Rouvinen.
I have used from these two gorgeous designers a beautiful mix of Welcome winter from ItKuPuLLI and Argrilture from Foxeysquirrel and this is the result !
https://www.mischiefcircus.com/shop/manufacturers.php… &

Facing the things that we fear , takes us beyond the darkness!
With Teddi Rutschman <3.
Out of the box.

I used Distressed and some beautyful materials of Foxyesquirrels.
With Teddi Rutschman <3 Xxx

***********Beautyful Place************
With Teddi Rutschman

Victoriana nr 1 and the beatyful album Ireland.
With Teddi Rutschman <3 .

How Wonderful picture of Victoriana.....Number 3....She is a Poem without words.
With Teddi Rutschman <3.
with here NEW store, http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/FS_Victoriana.html

Fly Over the Edge ,.......With Teddi Rutschman , :D.
& © InadigitalArt2016.

Unicorn fly to paradise.with Teddi Rutschman <3.
With the beautyful album , Castellum

Flower child.With <3 , Teddi Rutschman :D.
I used The beautyful stuff of Foxeysquirrel.
Dragonfly,s Dreams 3 - Designer background 7 - Damaged Pieces 2 - Botanica 3 .

Using The most beautyful materials - Designer Backgrounds - Reflected Touch - Damsel Lady 1. <3 .
With Teddi Rutschman <3.
©InaDigitalArt 2016

Breathtaking with Peculair and Awake.
With Teddi Rutschman.

My Invitation,.....For 31 OCT......!!
I used The moost Creepy but just so wonderful album Strange Behavior. With Teddi Rutschman
Here is the Brand NEW Store,

Strange Behavior add by Rutschman.

here the store, http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/FS_StrangeBehavior_Addon.html

I used the Album Air Awake. here the store. http://shop.scrapbookgraphics.com/air-pocket.html

***********Pierrot Butterfly********
I used the beautyful album Raven - Aura lights and Butterfly effect.
With Teddi Rutschman,

With Teddi Rutschman.and Kirsi Iggy Rouvinen.
I used the tube and skelet from. SpritusMortis ItKuPiLLi.
And Raven's-Nevermore-FS and som stuff. out of the box.

Playing with beautyful materials , Gone-Fishing Foxeysquirrel,
Painted Background 2 and Abstract Background5.
Fish comes from album Frost- With Teddi Rutschman.

******* Summer Safari ******
I used the beautyful album Summer safari and Vintage letters.
With Teddi Rutschman <3.

From the beautyful kit Scandolous.and different materials out the box of Foxeysquirrel !!!

****************Behind the clouds*****************
With Teddi Rutschman ,
Materials, https://www.e-scapeandscrap.net/boutique/index.php…

Coolness-Frost.& Litte Bird told me a Story.
With Teddi Rutschman ,
I used these beautyful album Frost. here in the store.

**********Roekoeeee , Strange Birds, *************
Playing with these beautiful materials ,

Playing wit the beautyful elements from Foxeysquirrel.
With Teddi Rutschman.

*******She left beauty wherever they went *******

NR 5, Structure and Vintage Black.

The lionKing

FS_Summer Safari

I Eixist in two places , here and where you are.

Ocean Treasures

She,s ........She,s broken because she believed.

Kiss From Heaven

From the new kit Innocent-Timekeeper.

Created with the kit "Innocent" FS_Star-crossed.

***************** Ingrid Touch ************
With the beauytiful materials Ingrid Touch and Hearts Will3.
With Teddi Rutschman . Thanks Teddi xxx
All right reserved, © Ina,DigitalArt2016.

Lady Zen

Together with my group the Flower - fairie , s and Lady Zen , Teddi Thanks for the amasing Tube .